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Treat yourself like a professional athlete!!!!  Sixteen of the starting Texans receive this regular treatment up to four times a week.  See for yourself why FAAST PNF (Proprioceptive Neurological Facilitation) works for them and will work for you, too!!!

FAAST PNF is the most effective way to restore flexibility and function to muscles you will feel amazing changes in record time.  Patients will experience the benefits of this unique stretching technique in just one session.  Our clients are stunned when they rise off the table.  They feel as if they have a completely new body … AND THEY DO!!!!

FAAST incorporates the use of PNF.  PNF uses the body’s nervous system to lengthen muscles in a safe manner beyond the point the muscles would normally stretch.  FAAST also performs all stretching techniques in traction, allowing the joint capsule to open and move freely.  The traction method relieves stretch anxiety and makes the session comfortable. FAAST addresses fascial issues (the internal body stocking.)  The fascia is VERY OFTEN NEGLECTED in conventional treatment. It is a huge contributor to lack of flexibility and muscle pain that can result in weak, short or injured muscles.

Stretch patients can expect a greater range of motion, reduced muscular soreness, increase balance and symmetry of the body, improved posture, endorphin release and pain reduction. Knots and old scar tissue from cumulative trauma and a host of other muscle dysfunctions can release, restoring the muscles to their optimal state. Facilitated stretching techniques have unlocked shoulders, hips, relieved chronic low-back pain, and solved many medical mysteries where traditional medicine approaches have failed. 

FAAST Flexibility can also prevent injuries as well as enhance athletic performance and general functional wellness.  

FAAST PNF is based on the work of Chris and Ann Fredrick at the Flexibility Sciences Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

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