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FAAST Chiropractic…where every patient is an athlete!

FAAST Chiropractic offers an active approach to the treatment and prevention for all types of injuries:  sports injuries, motor vehicle injuries, work related injuries, injuries related to normal activities of daily living and aging, repetitive injuries and injuries that have resulted in chronic pain. Our focus is on posture, flexibility, curve restoration, core strength and functional enhancements.

Anyone can hurt themselves doing ordinary things, like working in the garden, picking up children or grandchildren, working at home or on the job.  Putting off professional advice can lead to persistent problems.  Even minor injuries can be troublesome if neglected. The correct diagnosis and treatment of injuries is vital for the most effective recovery. We offer comprehensive examinations that include a complete history, visual examination, range of motion exam, strength exam, neurological exam, measurements of specific bilateral body parts and weight bearing x-rays when appropriate.  We then customize a treatment program designed to achieve optimum health and wellness, and once there, keep you there.

For the active person, lack of good advice and treatment could mean a long absence from activity or even permanent damage due to neglecting a situation that could have been remedied. For the professional athlete it could handicap a successful career.

FAAST Chiropractic is committed to injury prevention and education.  Chiropractic care is vital to maintaining fitness and preventing injuries.  Chiropractic care can enhance athletic performance and provide overall well being for patients of all ages, from infants to seniors, effectively, economically and naturally.

You can expect competitive pricing for our treatment and advice, convenient appointment times and a friendly welcome by our doctors, therapists and trainers.  We accept most insurance plans and offer a free consultation – no referral necessary. Injuries and illnesses are a part of life.  It’s not “IF” you will experience a physical setback, but “When.”  Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior or a mother of three, you have a choice of how to deal with pain and dysfunction.  Let FAAST Chiropractic get you back to a healthy and productive way of life.

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