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Fascial Alignment and Stretch Therapeutics

If relief and results are what you’re looking for, FAAST (Fascial Alignment and Stretch Therapeutics®) is what you need!!! Like a pull in a sweater, the effects of tension and strain on muscles are thought to snowball over time. Abnormal pressures may tighten or bind the fascia to underlying tissues, causing adhesions, or dabs of scar tissue that cling to muscle fibers. Even though these adhesions do not show up on x-rays or other scans, they can stiffen joints or contribute to painful motions, such as rotator cuff or sprain/strain injuries. If they occur near a nerve, they may cause numbness, pain, and tingling, as with sciatica or carpal tunnel syndrome. FAAST  has been shown to relieve these adhesions by breaking down the scar tissue and allowing the muscle to realign and heal at a faster rate.

A "pulled muscle" or a "sprained joint" is usually not an injury of the muscle or joint itself, but rather a distortion of the fascia. Other traditional medical treatments , manual techniques, physical therapy and rehab protocols (such as R.I.C.E., Aspirin, Celebrex, Ultrasound, Muscle Stim. etc.) simply treat the symptoms and fail to fix the underlying problem. FAAST assessment and treatment protocols focus on the source of the problem, often giving near instant relief of pain and immediate recovery of mobility & strength even after the most severe pull, strain or sprain.

Coaches, Team Doctors and Trainers have been amazed that FAASTtechniques used during a game, have often returned the injured athlete back to that same game. 

For the past 18 years FAAST has been extending and improving the careers of NFL, MLB, PGA, NBA, NCAA, High School, Junior Olympic & Olympic Athletes. 

Make no mistake, you will see and feel immediate differences in your performance. Ask how the FAAST  technique can help you or your team today.

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